R & B Mods only had a day to pack in everything they could about CeBIT.  There are 9 pages of photos that cover almost every area of the show, and give you a great tour.  A warning, if you are still using dial-up, it may take you a day to see their whole tour as well.
“Everyone that has some type of computer interest knows that Cebit is one of the worlds biggest exhibitions. I had the pleasure to go down to Hannover Germany this year to take a part of this huge event. I had one day at the event which meant that I had to take care of about 28 halls, and after about 10 hours of walking and taking pictures this is what I came up with. I have taken loads of pictures for people that could not attend this event. In Cebit 2006 there is 6262 exhibitors which cover 310,412 square meters (preliminary figures).”

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