HTPC’s are becoming quite common, not only the purpose built cases, but even micro-ATX boards built with the quiet HTPC in mind.  Silent PC Review has posted a huge review of the Zalman TNN-300 Fanless PC Enclosure, that is more of a giant, stylish heatsink than a normal case.  The included PSU keeps with the same style ethic, and provides enough power without producing excess heat or noise.

“It’s raining TNNs at SPCR!? Our second Zalman TNN review in a week, this one tackles the TNN-300 as a case, cooling system, PSU and remote control for the home system builder. The concept is simple: A smaller, more user-friendly, more affordable version of their Totally No Noise system for broader tech consumer appeal. Mostly, it works. Our massive review covers all the details.”

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