Test Configuration

Testing in this article was done with the following systems:

AMD Socket 754 Test System Setup


Intel Pentium 4 560E (800MHz, 3.6 GHz)

Motherboard (Chipsets)

Gigabyte GA-G1975X (Intel 975X)
Asus P5WD2 (Intel 955X) – review
EPoX EP-5NVA+ SLI (nForce 4 SLI for Intel) – review
Asus P5GD2 (Intel 915P) – review

Power Supply 

Seasonic S12 600W – review


1GB Corsair XMS2 8000UL (for all except EPoX) – review
1GB Corsair XMS2 5400UL (for EPoX) – review

Hard Drive

Western Digital WD2000 SATA2
Western Digital WD1200 SATA

Sound Card

Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Music Xtreme – review
Diamond Multimedia Xtreme Music 7.1 with DDL – review

Video Card

BFG 6600GT OC 128MB


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