The Inquirer spotted a server board form IWILL at CeBIT with 16 DIMM slots.  While the maximum number of DIMMs that can be used varies based on the speed, the addressable memory is only limited by the OS.  While a 32 bit OS maxes out at 4 GB, a 64 bit can handle 16 Terrabytes …  now if only I could find a 1TB DIMM for sale.

If you want to see a more mainstream motherboard, check out Jon’s review of the Gigabyte GA-G1975X.

“IWILL HAD TWO very interesting boards at CeBIT that took quite different approaches to the same problem, big memory. The AMD variant, DF88, used plain old DDR2 while the Intel version, the DPK66-S, uses FBD. In either case, they are both two socket server boards.

The DF88 was the one that surprised me the most, it has 8 DDR channels per CPU for a total of 16. It can run with all slots at DDR2-533, ramps down to six at DDR2-667, and a total of 4 at DDR2-800. These are per channel, so double it if you are looking at the number of DIMMs per board.”

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