I am sitting here at the IDF keynotes this morning waiting for them to begin.  We have some decent Internet access this time around so I’ll try to make some updates here in my blog when interesting news bits come out.  Read it here first!

Update 1: I have a lot more information on the Merom and Conroe cores (mobile and desktop, respectively) but too much to put in here, so I’ll be making a quick one-page article on it here in the next hour so after I get some slide pictures edited down for you all read.

Make sure you look for it, as you’ll see a dual processor, quad core CineBench 2003 rendering run as well on Intel’s upcoming server platforms for 2007.

Update 2: The first Spring 2006 IDF article is posted with lots of details and information on the new micro architecture and the desktop, mobile and server parts that are based off of it.  Unfortunately we are short on details such as clock speeds, cache sizes and transistor counts that can give us a more specific idea of what to expect in the second half of 2006 but I’ll be here for two full days and will get the info when available.