While AMD has held the performance crown for a while now, Intel has never been out of the game.  At the IDF they revealed the core architectures they hope will regain the speed title for them.  Designtechnica has posted their views on the IDF, and what it is that they took away from it, drop by and see what you missed.
“Clearly, Intel has been in a funk lately. AMD has been hitting them so regularly that the old Intel Bunny Men are looking more like punching bags than mascots. At the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF), where Intel talks to those who develop on their platforms, Intel went to a great deal of trouble to create the impression that they are coming back with a vengeance.

Uniquely to this IDF, there are strong implications for what Apple will have in the second half; for the first time in history, there is a promise that we will see the hardware OEMs (including Apple) go at each other with nearly identical technology. In addition, both Apple and Microsoft are expected to have new versions of their operating systems. It will be an interesting year.”

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