Drop by Legion Hardware to see what effect adding some well though out extras to a X1800XT can have.  The ASUS Extreme AX1800XT features an external power source and custom Arctic-Cooling heatsink, so it performs better than you might expect. 

Plus, follow the never ending ATI vs nVIDIA controversy, this time involving NForce4 bandwidth in SLI, in Ryan’s article here.

“The ASUS Extreme AX1800XT TOP is an amazing product simply because it is different; there is no other Radeon X1800XT like it. Finally, there is a Radeon X1800XT that differs from the rest, until now every Radeon X1800XT has featured the same PCB design, the same cooling solution and the same core/memory frequencies. ASUS has not only improved the design and specifications of their Radeon X1800XT, but they have also greatly improved the package.”

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