Since nVIDIA has aquired ULi, it is likely that the Epox EP-9U1697 will be one of very few motherboards using the ULi1697 chipset.  The performance of this board is quite good, especially when attempting overclocks, though there are fewer features than on other boards in the same price range.  Read the full review at AnandTech.
“Our initial impression of the Epox EP-9U1697-GLi upon opening the box was one of interest. The layout of the board was very clean, although we disagree with the placement of the 24-pin ATX power connector, and Epox utilized quality components throughout the board. We were mildly disappointed with the lack of an HD audio codec and Gigabit Ethernet, but we tried to understand the absence of these features based upon a retail price of around US $85 or lower.

During our testing and general usage of the Epox EP-9U1697-GLi, we found the board’s stability to be superb and it delivered very competitive results in the latest synthetic and game benchmarks. However, we were plagued with a single issue that Epox is working to solve. Our board would randomly lock up after exiting Microsoft Windows XP and this issue would require us to power down the machine before continuing operation.”

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