Matrox has launched the world’s first portable (and reusable) multi-display adapter – the TripleHead2Go, and DualHead2Go. These palm-sized devices allows a user to add up to three external displays without needing to upgrade their motherboard or graphics. This is a great product for businesses who want to increase their display resolution, but don’t want to upgrade systems.

Matrox Unveils World's First Portable Multi-Display Adapter - Graphics Cards 3Matrox Unveils World's First Portable Multi-Display Adapter - Graphics Cards 4

While the consumer market seems to be running away with multi-adapters for gaming, Matrox has kept firm in the commercial arena and their latest TripleHead2Go and DualHead2Go just confirms their intention on fulfilling business needs.

“Matrox Graphics, Inc., the leading manufacturer of graphics solutions for professionals, today unveiled the new TripleHead2Go, a palm-sized box which uniquely allows a user to add three 19′ monitors with a combined resolution of up to 3840×1024 and an incredible 45′ of total diagonal to many workstations, gaming systems and laptops- even if those systems only support a single display output.”

Check out the Matrox website for more details.