All We Can Say

Even though we don’t have samples of either of these cards, we went ahead and summarized all the information provided by NVIDIA on these newly announced cards for you here.

NVIDIA has been busy over the last several months, so why would let an event like GDC go by without a couple of new products.  Today NVIDIA is announcing two new parts available in the retail market, one for the mid-range market and one for the budget crowd. 

The 7600 GS is being announced as one of the replacements for the incredibly successful 6600 lineup on NVIDIA NV40 architecture.  With an estimated price of $129-$149, the 7600 GS will probably find its way into a lot of user’s machines on a budget. 

NVIDIA 7600 GS and 7300 LE Announcement - Graphics Cards 4

GeForce 7600 GS

How does it compare to the other 7-series parts from NVIDIA? 

  • 7600 GS
  • 12 pixel pipes
  • 5 vertex pipes
  • 8 ROPs
  • 400 MHz core clock
  • 400 MHz memory clock
  • 256 MB of GDDR2 memory
  • 128-bit memory interface
  • 178 million transistors on 90nm process technology

If you look at what the 7600 GT has, you’ll see that the GS and GT share the same exact chip architecture but differ in their clock speeds.  The GT runs at 560 MHz core and 700 MHz memory clocks. 

The 7300 LE card is actually a card that has been shipping to OEMs for a little while but is just now being released on the retail scene.  It will be placed in the NVIDIA line up just below the 7600 GPUs but above the 6200 GPUs, that will apparently continue to ship.  The 7300 LE is going to have an estimated price range of $49-$69, these cards will be easy replacements for integrated GPUs on motherboards and for users looking to add Vista support to their computers later this year. 

NVIDIA 7600 GS and 7300 LE Announcement - Graphics Cards 5

GeForce 7300 LE

The specs on the 7300 LE are:

  • 7300 LE
  • 4 pixel pipes
  • 3 vertex pipes
  • 450 MHz core clock
  • 333 MHz memory clock (pretty variant here based on card partner)
  • 128 MB GDDR2 memory supporting up to 256 MB with TurboCache
  • 256 MB HDDR2 memory supporting up to 512 MB with TurboCache
  • 64-bit memory interface
  • 112 million transistors on 90nm process technology

Again these are the same specs that the GeForce 7300 GS sports but with lower clocks as the differentiation. 

NVIDIA 7600 GS and 7300 LE Announcement - Graphics Cards 6

GeForce 7300 LE

We don’t yet have any samples here of these parts to benchmark, but you can more or less figure out where the performance of each will lie in the spectrum of NVIDIA’s GPU line up.  And even though NVIDIA doesn’t actually claim any of the 6-series is being killed off now, with at least two 7300 SKUs, two 7600 SKUs and two 7900 SKUs, the NV40 might have finally seen its last.

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