There have been numerous reports of problems with various vendors overclocked 7900 GTX cards not working correctly. Reports of “freezes” in games and in 3DMark06 that go away after 15-30 seconds or so are the most common symptom, and I have seen the same thing in my testing of a retail vendors card here as well.

Currently I am working with both the vendor and with NVIDIA on the issue and hope to get some answers back to you today.

The most up to date information I have as of now is:

  • Make sure you are using 84.21 drivers
  • A “beefier” power supply may help too. Even though these cards draw less power, going by raw numbers, its very possible that these cards require the power to be more “stable” and “clean”. How many 12V rails @ how many amps does your PSU have?
  • I have used both an Antec 480 and Antec 550 PSU and have seen these issues with both a single cards and dual card configurations
  • Other system test bed specs: A8N32-SLI (1103 bios), X2 4800+, 2 x 1GB Corsair 3500LL, SB Audigy 2 Value
  • I have heard that other motherboards might be less apt to have these problems (like the A8N SLI Premium or MSI X16 board)
  • Reports are very common on this issue for higher clocked cards, though my cards were not overclocked very much by default

Please, if you are having this issue, post your specs and what you have tried to fix it. I am trying to compile these results and present them to the necessary individuals to get it resolved!