The Plextor 250GB Network Attached Storage device is based around a 250GB Hitachi RoHS drive which features a 7,200 rpm spindle speed and an 8MB cache, more than enough for the 100BaseT interface (ie. Cat5e).  Read the full review at Ben’s Custom Cases to learn about all the tricks the included software can do, from easy backups to running an FTP server.
“Curiosity has been known to kill a cat, and one day it may just get me. After we took apart the Samsung DVD-HR720 to find out what was inside, I’ve been dying to take apart something else. One of the first things I noticed about this PX-EH25L is that is is virtually silent, even when reading and writing. My immediate question was “what drive do they use?” Check out below as we tear it limb from limb.”

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