There are those who worry about installing alpha or beta software on their machines, and then there are complete masochists who love to try it, and see what happens.  Today, The Inquirer reports on 3 betas from Microsoft after thoroughly testing them, so you can guess which camp they fall into.

“So it fell to me to try a bunch of new betas available from Microsoft. I have to put my cards on the table here and say that, over the years, I’ve run just about every beta MS has produced, from operating systems down, and never had a serious problem with them, let alone lost any data. At one point I even ran a beta version of Office XP on an alpha version of Whistler (aka Windows XP), so trying three MS betas at once caused me no concern whatsoever.

The three in question are Internet Explorer 7, OneCare Live and Windows Defender. They’ve all been around for a while now and I’ve been living with them for some time.”

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