3dGameMan has snuck a peak at Hiper’s newest upcoming PSU, a Quad-SLI ready 730W PSU.  Now you can stop worring about running 2 PSU’s in tandem, just to support your video cards, as long as the PSU becomes available about the same time the Quad-SLI motherboards do!
“HPU-4×730 series is the flagship HIPER PSU for 1st half of 2006, it is enclosed with our PATENTED MESH & Industry’s fist Stainless Steel PSU Body. Compared to the Type R 580 series, HPU-4×730 utilizes all new Omnigrid II that enables one-step lock/release mechanism. It’s specially designed for BTX chassis. It also features four independent 12V rails. In terms of connectivity, HPU-4×730 comes with 2 dedicated PCI-E straight from the 12V rails, 2 additional Molex/PCI-E exTender, deigned to support NVIDIA’s new technology – Quad-SLi , which providing much more stabilized 3D hard-gaming. HPU-4×730 also provides P4 and P8 connector for users with motherboard that requires P8 connection, and with 5 modules of Molex output thus by using appropriate exTender it enables user to connect up to 20 devices.”

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