CNET has posted an article about Intel’s upcoming quad core CPUs, likely targeted at server applications and image rendering, as well as other processor intensive tasks.  While they haven’t revealed everything, it does give you a good overview.

For even more info, check Ryan’s article on Merom and Conroe from the IDF.

“Dual-core makes sense right away because there’s almost some back task that’s executing while you’re trying to do something else,” said Roger Kay, president of analyst firm Endpoint Technologies Associates. But quad-core PCs initially will be “a niche, for sure,” appealing only to power users with heavy-duty tasks such as digital rendering or computer-aided design.

More interest is likely to come from Conroe, a dual-core processor for desktop PCs due in the second half of the year. “It delivers 40 percent more performance while taking 40 percent less power,” compared to current Pentium chips, Gelsinger said.”

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