If you have no clue what the title means, the quick and dirty is, S1 (754 pins) is aimed at notebooks, AM2 (940 pins) is the new desktop socket and F (1207 pins) will be targeted at server applications.  Read a lot more about them at AnandTech.
“The Intel Developer Forum doesn’t officially start until later today, but we hit the ground running with a handful of meetings shortly after landing in San Francisco. The first on the list was AMD, who have made it a habit of coming to just about every IDF to keep some balance.

If you’re expecting something earth shattering from AMD or finally some specifications for their 2007 CPU lineup, you’ll have to wait longer. AMD tells us that after Socket-AM2 and its mobile/server variants are launched then they will begin talking about their new architectures. We’ve tried to get more, sooner, but haven’t been successful yet. Now on to what we were able to see. ”

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