Digital Grabber has posted a thorough guide to saving all those old VHS camcorder movies.  Chances are that they contain memorable moments that you were hopign to treasure forever, with a bit of work they will last a while longer.  At least they will survive the extinction of the VCR.
“The problem is consumer VHS tape isn’t be best format to use for long-term storage. Every time you play one of those tapes you wear away part of the image, you scratch the video, you destroy small portions of the memories. If you haven’t played those family celebration tapes for years you may even be in for a rude awakening. The magnetic film may have aged and the images have disappeared. The coating may mysteriously peel away or flake off when the tape is played. The memory images are suddenly…simply memories. Signs of video quality degradation can become apparent after five years and even sooner if the tapes aren’t stored properly.”

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