Introduction and Specifications

Silverstone has a very nice looking SFF case that might fit in more with your HTPC needs than you might think. This stylish case is not only nice to look at, but is functional as well.

Like many of you, I’ve watched the development of small compact computer enclosures, widely referred to as ‘SFF’s’ or Small Form Factor enclosures.

Most of these types are sold as bare bone units, meaning that a motherboard that has or has not the features you’d like to see in your new computer, small limited power supply, a fan and sometimes a CPU heatsink, while still others, allow you to choose your own mATX motherboard, but still supplied small limited power supplies which are a bear to replace, because you have to find the case specific power supply for you particular SFF.

Silverstone on the other hand, decided to let the end user choose exactly what mATX motherboard they wanted to use and the standard size power supply required to meet their energy needs.  Thanks to Silverstone’s forethought, the proud owners of the SG-01 Evolution are now only limited by their imagination and bankroll.

Silverstone SG-01 Evolution SFF Chassis Review - Cases and Cooling 15

The Silverstone Technology SG-01B we will be sharing with you today is a later version (3.1) than you may have seen in earlier reviews of this case and you can count on us to point out the very significant difference when the time comes.


Below is a corrected version of Silverstone’s own spec sheet as seen on their web site.

There are only two compatibility issues to speak of with the first being, your CPU heatsink and fan cannot exceed 78 mm in height and the second is that, the combined depth of your power supply and optical drive cannot exceed 355 mm. That’s reasonable as you look at the specs below.

Silverstone SG-01 Evolution SFF Chassis Review - Cases and Cooling 16

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