Accessories and Conclusion

We could think of no section heading other than ‘Accessories’ to describe the ‘Silverstone Sugo Pack’ which we felt needed to be included in this review. Why?

With the surge of interest in organized gaming (no, not gambling) more and more enthusiasts are attending LAN Parties and bringing smaller (footprint) computers with them. The small form factor computer enclosure is becoming a mainstay at these functions.

But, how to get our SFF based computer safely to the event, well this is where Silverstone’s Sugo Pack comes in. As you can see below, the Sugo is quite sturdily built with a large main compartment with double zipper opening and possesses strategically placed padding to protect your investment.

Silverstone SG-01 Evolution SFF Chassis Review - Cases and Cooling 15

Additional compartments allow for all the other items you’ll be taking with you, i.e. keyboard, mouse, etc., etc. What a way to show up at a LAN Party, having all your goodies stored safely in your stylish Silverstone Sugo Pack!


In my last review, we looked at a competitor’s small tower case and were very happy with it, but it wasn’t an SFF case.

To be honest, up until this point we hadn’t found an SFF case that we could build to our specification and needs, either we had to settle for what a manufacturer thought would be good enough, or settle for half a loaf, so to speak.  Well that was until NOW!

With the changes Silverstone made in their version 3.1 of the SG-01 and the addition of the optional FX121 cross flow fan and an 80 mm fan we had hanging around, the SG-01 is now a quiet but extremely effective cooling environment for our AMD64 3500+ system even with our 10,000 RPM WD Raptor hard drive installed.

There is no doubt, in my mind that, Silverstone has a real winner in the SG-01 and I wouldn’t doubt it one bit, if it became the premier SFF on the market. Do I have any complaints? No, not one!

As always we’d like to thank the good folks at Silverstone for sending us our review samples and also Hank Baron of for supplying and modding the power supply for our system.

Drop by any Silverstone reseller and take a look at the SG-01.  I’m sure you’ll be happy with what you’ll get for your hard earned money, if you decide to buy.

Be sure to use our price checking engine to find the best prices on the Silverstone SG01, and anything else you may want to buy!

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