Ars Technica is playing with a very odd PC device, the AlphaGrip AG-5 handheld keyboard and mouse.  It combines both a keyboard and mouse in a device that is shaped sort of like a console gamepad.  While it takes a while to learn, they find it is actually usable, check it out.
“Although the peculiar shape and seemingly incomprehensible button placement make the device look like a haphazard amalgamation of keyboard and gaming hardware, the layout feels relatively natural right from the start and after an hour or two of use, the device itself ceases to feel unwieldly. Despite the steep learning curve, adapting to the AG-5 wasn’t quite as difficult as I had anticipated. After a week of semifrequent use, I became comfortable using it for writing articles, responding to e-mail, and chatting with friends. I can consistently achieve about 45 words per minute with the AG-5 (vs. 65wpm on a traditional keyboard), and I think that with more experience I could probably exceed 50. My typing speed on the AG-5 is apparently not indicative of the average user experience. I suppose my pedantically compulsive nature and capacity for data retention made it easier for me to assimilate the layout.”

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