[H]ard|OCP gives a you a good rundown of the technology behind nVIDIA’s new cards, and what you can expect to get from them.  More than jsut benchmarks, you are in danger of learning something by reading this.

“The big news for NVIDIA today is that their high-end GPU has gone 90 nanometers. This actually isn’t their first 90 nanometer GPU, the GeForce 7300 GS is built on the 90 nanometer process. NVIDIA has stated they have very good yields and no problems producing this GPU at 90 nanometers. The new GPUs today though are the first high-end and midrange GPUs from NVIDIA using the new manufacturing process.

What does this new process allow? It allows NVIDIA to produce more silicon per wafer, reducing cost and allowing better yields. It also allows something else, something very exciting and something you probably never thought would be possible, a reduction in transistors. Yes, with the new line of GPUs being announced today NVIDIA has actually reduced the amount of transistors in their GPUs compared to the original G70 series. As you all know a reduction in transistors means less power, which means less heat, which means higher clock speeds are possible with more manageable cooling solutions. So can NVIDIA do more with less? We will certainly show you.”

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