If you are into flight or space sims, then there is a good chance you have an aging joystick somewhere on your desk.  Saitek has designed a new controller, the X52 Flight Control System and OCC has a full review.  Drop by and see if it is worth learning a whole set of new button positions.
“The ability to rotate using the twist grip made for some outright unfair moments where I could temper the throttle and shamelessly mow down soldier after soldier while maintaining a consistent altitude. I wish I was able to ramp up the speed of the twist but was unable to. Dogfights within the chopper are a little more difficult but with practice they are possible. The next game I put the X52 against was Lock-On. Now, I’m not a big fan of this Ubisoft sim but it provided a much better reference as far as the multitude of options needed to play the game. Lock On allowed me to assign every single button and give me a taste of what trying to remember each button’s purpose was.”

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