Introduction and Specifications

Thermaltake has a case with a DVD combo drive built right into the front door that might just be the most interesting innovation we have seen a while. Does the rest of the case live up to the same standards?

When I first laid eyes on the ThermalTake Eclipse DV Mid-Tower Case, I was immediately struck by its innovative and distinctive design, aluminum chassis and it looked like a fun case to review. So, with Ryan’s help, we were able to get one to share with you.

As we progress, you’ll see some of the neat features ThermalTake built into the Eclipse including the first ever built-in DVD combo drive right in the front door (actually the only door), a sound level indicator and much, much more.

It has been my practice over the years, to not waste bandwidth and/or your time showing you packaging of computer enclosures and I’m not about to change now, but I do have to mention the superb job ThermalTake did in insuring that this unique case arrives at your door in the best of all possible conditions; enough said, so let’s get on with the review!!


Before getting into the specifications it is important to note that the specs shown come directly from ThermalTake’s web site and we could not independently verify their claim that the two 120 mm fans (one front — one rear) run silently, as we could definitely hear them and the 80 mm fan in the windowed side panel during operation.

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