Looking to overclock that shiny new video card, but feeling the heat, or just trying to quiet it?  Legion Hardware has a 6-way shootout between Thermalright, Zalman and Arctic Cooling.  Drop by and find out which one can do you right!

Also, Ryan has a look at 2 upcoming cards from nVIDIA, the 7600GS and the 7300LE.

“When it comes to high-end air-cooled VGA coolers the six tested here today are amongst the best. Although the pre-overclocked Gigabyte graphics card does feature a reasonably large single slot heatsink with a decent fan, the six after-market coolers all proved that there was room for improvement. It should also be noted that while all six coolers did offer better performance, they were also much quieter. Clearly the most powerful option was the Thermalright V-1 coolers, which in this roundup were configured only with the standard 80mm fan.”

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