The Compro VideoMate U900 is a tiny TV tuner that accepts coax and antenna signals, and hooks up to a PC or laptop.  While being able to carry a device to eceive a TV signal in a pocket sounds great, read the full review at [H]ard|OCP before you run out and buy one.
“The thing about the two is that, traditionally, people want larger television screens and smaller electronics. One possible solution would be an external TV tuner that you could take with you to watch television on a laptop or hook up to a desktop computer with a big screen attached to it.

Enter the Compro VideoMate U900, a USB TV tuner smaller than a deck of cards. It is a solution that will work on any computer with USB 2.0 access. It’s a niche product that will appeal to a certain niche of people — namely, laptop owners and people who’ve used up all their expansion ports. The VideoMate U900 draws power directly from the USB port it connects to, has video and audio inputs, and can connect to coax cable or a television antenna.”

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