The Inquirer has spotted some new movement in the quest to extend battery life.  If Casio’s plans continue the way the expect, they wil be showcasing a fuel cell that will give laptops about 20 hours of run time, sometime this year.
“IT’S NOW been quite a few years since Intel got wildly enthusiastic about fuel cell technology extending the battery life of our notebook widgets to hours and hours and hours.

It has been oddly quiet about fuel cells since, despite investing $2 million in Jafko and some of $12 million into Neah Power Systems.

But now it looks as if there might be light at the end of the fuel cell tunnel, because according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Casio has created a component using solid polymer fuel cells which will be a staggering 90 per cent tinier than any of the competition”

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