Tech-Hounds tested the Leadtek 7900GTX, against a 7800GTX from ASUS.  While the frame rates certainly increase, they focus on image quality and other benefits that the 7900 offers.
“The wait is finally over. Last month, NVIDIA launched their newest generation of graphics chips – the GeForce 7900. Just like the previous generation, there are two SKUs based on this chip: the high end GeForce 7900GTX and the more affordable GeForce 7900GT. Despite rampant speculation of a 32 pipeline graphics chip, the GeForce 7900GTX remain a 24 pipeline card, much like the GeForce 7800GTX. In fact, most of the specification between the two is pretty much the same, except for core and memory clocks. NVIDIA seems to be taking a more conservative approach this time around, no doubt not wanting to repeat what happen to the GeForceFX series.”

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