[H]ard|OCP’s newest system review examines a fully built HTPC, the Polywell Mini-Box2 939NP.  Not only does the case masquerade as a stereo component, this little guy will play 3D games with AA enabled.  Check it out.
“Polywell’s Mini-Box2 platform, based on the Aspire X-QPACK SFF chassis, has the capacity to be very flexible with multiple configurations available for sale, from basic productivity to a full-fledged Media Center. The system that was assembled for this evaluation is a version of the SoHo Mini-Box2 variant, with an added EVGA 6800 GS for better graphics performance. A good mid-range card, the 6800 GS has recently been seen in another evaluated system, the Velocity Micro Gamer’s Edge 1500. In that previous evaluation, the 6800 GS helped the Gamer’s Edge achieve extremely balanced performance in game play. Theoretically, we should see some of the same performance we have come to expect out of this configuration. If you’re looking for something more powerful for newer games on the horizon, the 7900 GTX is available as an option on the online configurator. Absent from the available video card choices, however, is the 7600 GT”

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