Impressions and Conclusions

As far as an ultra-portable laptop goes, the Asus W5F has everything and then some — an integrated camera, a bonus Blue Tooth mouse, and even digital audio output. Sure it does not play games very well, but I challenge you to find a 12.1″ laptop that does! The fact is the W5F isn’t marketed as a gaming laptop and it has a lot more to offer than gameplay anyway.

Not only does it come on strong with features, the W5F is stylish and classy. It’s a definite attention magnet, so you better be prepared for friends and co-workers asking to play with it and pick it up off your desk. Weighing under 5 lbs, you will want to bring it everywhere with you, and with strong battery saving modes that can stretch your lifeline to 3 hours.

Asus W5F 12-inch Core Duo Notebook Review - Mobile 69

The display is sharp and bright, with extra Splendid Video controls that allow you to tweak the settings to your own preference. I can go on and on, so please save me the trouble and just read the previous pages to see why the W5F is a very strong contender.

The only serious problem I see with the Asus W5F is that there is only one SODIMM slot for you to place a RAM upgrade. Some of you may not see a single SODIMM as a problem, but others will. It’s unfortunate that there is this limitation since everything else about the W5F is spot on.

At a street price of $1700 USD, it’s a very reasonable price considering what you’re getting inside the box not to mention the great support from Asus. Now that I’ve used this laptop, everything else just looks bulky and unrefined.

Strong Points Issues to be Aware of
  • Ultra portable size and weight
  • Fast performance and battery life
  • Digital audio output
  • Integrated web camera
  • Bonus Blue Tooth mouse
  • Sturdy construction with stylish exterior
  • Excellent software bundle without pre-loaded bloat
  • Different configurations available to suit needs
  • Good support
  • Only one SODIMM expansion slot
  • CD tray may be flimsy
  • Rotating the camera the wrong way can break it
  • No written instructions on how to get digital audio working. So refer to the Audio section for help.


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