Virtual-Hideout reviews Vizo Sleet Copper Cooling Components, 3 types of copper heatsinks designed to cool system RAM, chipsets, and VRAM.  The double sided thermal tape they come with keeps them on in any orientation.  Plus copper looks good, and cools even better.
‘The VIZO copper coolers do help reduce temperatures on RAM and VGA RAM chips. As with any passive cooling device, proper airflow is a must. The double-sided tape held the finned heatsinks in place. Also, the DDR cooler is held in place with double-sided tape and 2 clips. Everything felt like it was securely in place and I wasn’t worried about the copper falling off and possible shorting out my system.

So if you are in the need for copper heatsinks, give the VIZO series of copper coolers a try. They add a nice bling factor by looking extremely sharp, and also copper is a much better choice then aluminum for heat dispersion.’

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