While putting together a system for review, ExtremeTech ran into a little problem most of us are familiar with, no POST.  Read on for some tips on what to do, and some reassurance that, in fact those things don’t just happen to you.
“The problems encountered in this particular project was somewhat exacerbated by the tight deadline I’d given myself. Hey, this is neat stuff, and I wanted to get the word out. Of course, the tight time frame amplified the impact of any problem I might encounter. Confident in my own abilities, however, I happily drove off the cliff.

So I assembled everything, but as I usually do, I left the case cover off. It’s a superstition I have: Putting the case cover on is simply bad karma, and you’re just daring the tech gremlins to notice you and make your life miserable. In this case, they came scampering over anyway. So much for superstition.”

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