While Matrox’s Parhelia never really caught on, it looks like the TripleHead2Go just might.  With one innocuous little box, any video card can be coaxed to display over 3 monitors.  Neoseeker takes Half Life 2 & Oblivion for a spin at 3840*1024.

If the reviews are a little ATI heavy for you, Ryan just published a review of the BFG 7900 GTX OC.
“In all honesty, my very first impression was “Holy c**p, the distance between my Start button and my system tray is ginormous!” It really is. Without adjusting the sensitivity of your mouse, you’re going to find yourself picking up the mouse a lot in order to navigate the pointer all the way from the left display to the right display. I used to be a heavy dual-monitor user in the day, so I’m used to the practice of scanning both displays at once and being able to work with two sources of information present. With three displays, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but the flow of working is absolutely wonderful.”

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