Think Computers reviews the G-Cooler Liquid CPU Cooler.  It is a closed loop when it arrives, you need not play with tubing or filling the reservoir, just mount it to your processor, and the radiator to the case where you would normally put an 80mm exhaust fan.
‘Water/Liquid cooling is becoming more and more mainstream; at one time it was only the hardcore enthusiast that was water cooling their computers, now anyone can do it cheaply and easily. Liquid cooling come in many shapes and sizes, you can get pre-made systems that can take an hour or more to assemble with all sorts of various parts, and you can get easy all-in-one cooling systems that basically just pop in and go. Today for review I have one of the all-in-one systems called the G-Cooler, it is basically just a CPU block, rad and pump with some very short hoses, it is fully assembled, all you have to do it mount it in your computer and power it on. Let’s take a look at it and see if it is worth our time…’

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