While reviewing Logitech’s X-530 5.1 speaker system, Think Computers reminds us of a good way to get deals …  never forget about refurbished items.  If you can find a reputable seller, then the item will be nearly new, if not indistinguishable from brand new.

That’s why we have a Hot Deals Forum and a Trading Post.
‘Refurbished items, a lot of people do not even consider buying them, but when your budget is tight sometimes you have to go that route. Geeks.com has a lot of refurbished items that you can get at great prices. They are almost in perfect condition too, so why not save the money? Today we will be looking at the Logitech X-530 speaker system, which is almost in perfect condition. The X-530’s feature Logitech’s Frequency Directed Dual Driver (FDD2) satellite technology, which produces a uniform sound field for full, rich sound.’

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