Today NVIDIA unleashes their next generation mobile GPU – the GeForce Go 7900 GTX and Go 7900 GS. These new parts replace their top end mobile processor and gives a lower power consumption top-end GPU respectively. You can find more information from NVIDIA here.

Expect to see reports of this GPU trickle into the web today starting with our own here at PC Perspective.

“NVIDIA is changing the way graphics GPUs are launched with a very short time delay between the introduction of a desktop part and the corresponding mobile cousin. Previously with the 7800 GTX released back in June 2005, customers only had to wait 3 months before seeing a mobile equivalent available. Shattering that precedent, NVIDIA today is launching their next top-end mobile GPUs, the Go 7900 GTX and Go 7900GS — just 1 month after the desktop model!”

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