Introduction and Specifications

A company by the name of NZXT has a case that might just be the most far-fetched and futuristic looking we have ever seen here. Do all the good looks add up to a useful and funcational case for an enthusiast though?

It only takes one look to realize that NZXT has a very special product in their Lexa aluminum mid-tower enclosure and one that we just had to get, to share with our readers. The symmetrical design overflows with class and is packed with innovation. If you’re ready to step into the future, then the Lexa might just be the case you’re looking for.

As can be imagined, the Lexa is loaded with features such as: ultra light weight aluminum chassis, front panel with blinding reflective metallic finish windowed side panel and all toped off with low noise 1100 RPM LED fans just to point out some of the obvious. We’ll save the rest of the features to discover as we proceed with the review!

The glare from the high gloss finish is so bright that you’ll notice that most of the photos are taken at angles to reduce the glare and still provide you the reader, with the essence of its aurora.


The specifications listed below, come our way directly from the web pages of NZXT.

NZXT Futuristic Lexa Case Review - Cases and Cooling 15

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