The worlds first Origami based UMPC was shown off earlier this month and VIA Arena can tell you all about it.  Can this be the beginning of serious competition for Blackberry and other similar devices?
“On April 4 2006, PBJ, a premier Japan based OEM, held a press conference in Tokyo announcing the world’s first UMPC Origami based device, the PBJ SmartCaddie (pictured above).

Powered by the VIA C7-M ULV 1GHz CPU, and the VIA VN800 chipset, the PBJ SmartCaddie measures 228mmX146mmX25mm, weighs a mere 860g, and comes equipped with 512MB of memory, 802.11g, Bluetooth, and a 40GB HDD. Featuring WindowsXP TabletPC edition the SmartCaddie enables the full range of handwriting features, and also premiers the Microsoft Origami pack, which adds touch panel features specially aimed at entertainment functionality. ”

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