Pro-clockers looks at a large, silent cooler from ASUS, the Silent Square.  With the large heatpipes, it bears a resemblance to an engine block and it does perform well.
“I am pretty sure that you are aware of ASUS reputation when if comes to the stability of their motherboards or the speed and high quality when it comes to their graphic cards, but you may not be aware of their reputation for making high performance cooling solutions. If you are keen to their cooling products, then one product that may come to mind is the Star Ice. A product that reminds many of a bug or even a Volkswagen Beetle. Today, we have the privilege of review their newest cooler, the Silent Square. The Silent Square looks to be a cooler that could put ASUS in the class of Thermalright, Scythe, Zalman and others when it comes to cooling.”

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