Introduction and Specifications

Silverstone has created a simple, yet amazingly good micro-ATX case that might appeal to just about any gamer one the move!

Recently the marketplace has been flooded with a slew of small form factor computer enclosures. Most have been very small, with little room to work in and lacked the physical body of a tower case.

Silverstone designers and engineers have been hard at work with the aim of producing a case that would have a simplistic design while maintaining an elegant beauty that would immediately draw potential buyers to their new product.

What they accomplished is the Temjin TJ08 Micro-ATX Tower Case that we are about to share with you.

What you are going to see is a steel case with aluminum bezel that houses two 120 mm quiet fans (both supplied with the case), that can handle just about any combination of systems you can throw at it, be it a hot Intel Prescott or an AMD X2 dual core CPU and keep them cool and stable without any modifications required on your behalf.

Just install your system and power supply (one with a fan on the bottom is highly recommended) and you’ll experience the joy of owning, what we believe, is the closest any case we’ve seen in the past, comes to near perfection.

But, instead of me salivating over the TJ08, maybe we should get into reviewing the case!!


Silverstone Temjin TJ08 Micro-ATX Tower Case Review - Cases and Cooling 11

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