The Tech Zone lets you in on a little secret about power supplies.  It is not the total wattage that defines system stability, it is the ability to deliver that power without fluctuations.  Find out more in their full article.
“The PSU Factor, for some reason, wasn’t necessarily discussed as much in the years before when creating computer systems for consumers. After all, consumers did not need such a reliable power system for their machines–or so it was thought. The question of why power current was not an issue several years ago, is still not answered. It could have been attributed to a basic lack of awareness, or possibly computer manufacturers didn’t make it a priority in creating products for the consumer. What is potentially more revelating, is that many hard drive errors and operating system errors in the past could be attributed to a lack of a stable power supply and a lack of a more powerful power supply unit. Of course, we just simply won’t know since there isn’t much documentation and hasn’t been much investigation into past computer issues. However, we do know many computer users are not having as many previous power supply problems when they are using more stable PSUs (notice I didn’t say MORE POWERFUL).”

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