If you are looking for the best of the best, check out ExtremeTech’s review of 3 top 7800GTX models.
“Some time last year, Nvidia began loosening the reins a bit, allowing board makers more leeway with core and memory clock frequency settings. Now, most manufacturers have a two-tier strategy at the high end, with a conservative reference board design shipping at one price, and a board pushed about as hard as it can go, costing more.

The pricing can be substantially more. The eVGA GeForce 7900 GTX Superclocked we look at today costs $80 more (MSRP) than the company’s reference board design ($499 versus $579). That’s a 16% price difference for a 6% core frequency and a 10% memory clock difference. In the real world, pricing differences may be greater due to product shortages. Since the companies have to sort the GPUs to pick the cream of the crop to run at these higher clock rates, availability can become an issue.”

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