If you haven’t changed your thermal paste in a while, it is probably dried and crusty, which means it isn’t cooling your CPU as well as it could be.  Time to put on some new paste, so why not try out Coolermaster’s new Nanofusion.  R&B Mods tests it against Arctic Silver 5, in case you are worried about it’s perfromance.

If you are looking for a small, stylish new case, then read Bob’s review of the Temjin TJ08 micro-ATX tower.
“It has been quiet on the thermal paste front for awhile after Arctic Silver 5 was released. Now though we have a new contender on the market from Coolermaster with their Nanofusion. They are here now to also get into the thermal paste market. Coolermaster has in the past made thermal paste which performed decent but not as good as the AC5, therefore we have decided to compare this new Nanofusion paste to Arctic Silver 5 and Arctic Silver Ceramique which are two well performing thermal pastes on the market.”

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