GruntvillE has reviewed 2 mats from Corepad, one which is a large high quality mousepad, The Victory, and a 3 foot wide one called the Deskpad XXXL.  These will help you get that last bit of inaccuracy out of your mousing, or raise mediocre performance to new heights.
“I am, at best, a mediocre FPS player. My 13 year old son, David, regularly waxes my… Err, butt. That is changing since I have acquired the Deskpad XXXL. Cranking down the mouse sensitivity and using the size of the pad has eliminated the dreaded overcorrection/overshoot problem I was having with the smaller pads. It has allowed me to go from being waxed to at least breaking even. Who knows? With a month or so of playing 4-5 hour stints on Halo and Half Life I may actually be as good as I think.”

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