I could have sworn we were all supposed to have thrown out the towers of old ATX cases that accumulate over time and make the switch to BTX by now.  That Form Factor has been slow in rolling out to the consumer, but ExtremeTech has seen signs of life for it.  Drop by to see what kind of choices you have when building a BTX system.
“Intel, who developed BTX, soldiered on, and the format gained some ground with large OEMs. Gateway ships a number of BTX-based systems currently, and Dell is starting to dip its toes in the BTX waters. We’ve seen HP systems using BTX, too.

But what about building your own system using a BTX case and motherboard? We wrote an earlier article on building a BTX system, but that turned out to be a bit premature. The good news is that after 18 months, it’s now possible to actually build your own BTX system. The bad news: Your choices are still pretty limited.”

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