G-gnome, a member at bit-tech, has assembled an amazing case mod that you have to check out.  He has described almost all of the steps he has taken to build this case, and he seems to be having a blast doing it.
“It has been a while since the first part of this project was published on bit-tech.net. For those who may have missed Part I, the aim of this project was to build a completely custom-built computer case, out of stainless steel, that would look like the sort of atomic bomb that one sees in spy movies or on TV shows like 24. I tried not to base the design on any real or fictional bomb, but simply out of my imagination.

WMD Part I explains the concept of the project and the initial fabrication in some detail. In this article, I will be continuing right from where WMD Part I left off, detailing each stage of the case’s construction. Very soon will follow WMD Part III. There is a lot in here and I don’t want to give away any pleasant surprises, so have a good look and you might pick up some hidden gems.”

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