It looks like Daily Tech has scooped AMD on it’s own Live! announcement.  Drop by to see exactly what the expected system specs will be.
“Processor requirements have also been updated. Not only must desktop systems come with dual-core processors, they must also come with processors rated at 4800+ or higher. Athlon 64 FX-62 processors are also Live! compliant. Memory requirements state that systems must also ship with configurations of 1GB or more of system RAM. Strangely, no minimum hard drive capacity requirements are stated. Since Live! media systems are expected to do some PVR duties, large hard drives capacities will likely be required.

Besides the above specifications, AMD’s platform design guides states that systems are recommended to focus on thermal dynamics as well as acoustic performance. Launch preparation documents stress that Live! compliant systems must keep noise to a minimum, and in some cases, produce almost no noise at all. Furthermore, AMD documents recommend that only fluid-bearing SATA hard drives be used to cut down on noise. ”

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