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New Consoles

Like I said before, the big news at this year’s show was definitely the PS3 and Nintendo Wii (don’t get me started on the name).  Though I like to focus on the area I am really dedicated to, the PC gaming world, I thought I’d throw in a few images of the systems and give you my quick thoughts on them.

E3 2006 from a PC Perspective - Shows and Expos 35

This was the second real showing of the PS3 at E3, but in a much more grand fashion.  There were playable PS3 demos everywhere, enough that lines were not obscene to get a hold of one.  I played several games including WarHawk, Madden and the Gran Turismo demo and all were impressive visually.

E3 2006 from a PC Perspective - Shows and Expos 36

As you might have heard, this is the “new” PS3 controller.  Not only is this nearly identical to the current PS2 and PS1 controllers, it is a FAR step from the ‘slingblade’ controller that was introduced with the system last year.  Oh well, why mess with near perfection, right?

E3 2006 from a PC Perspective - Shows and Expos 37

The Nintendo Revolution, now renamed for some stupid reason to the Nintendo Wii, and yes, that’s pronounced “wee”.  It’s small, cool and nice to look at, but the hardware is under powered compared to the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  Nintendo has admitted as much and says they aren’t worreid about it but instead are focusing on a unique gaming experience.  I support that fully and look forward to what they bring to the table!

E3 2006 from a PC Perspective - Shows and Expos 38

Here is yours truly on the left, with fellow editor on the right, playing some tennis on the Nintendo Wii.  Don’t we look absolutely cool?  Well maybe not, but the game was fun, even for the short time we were able to play it.  I must have won, as I seem to be the one smiling here…

E3 2006 from a PC Perspective - Shows and Expos 39

Finally, here I am playing the golf game demo, faithfully swinging my “club” to score a hole in one.  No seriously, first shot. 

Though at first it seemed odd, the Wii controller grew on me and I found myself very excited about this system.  It took a game like Guitar Hero to really show me how a unique game idea and controller can really change things up and make gaming new and exciting.  Perhaps Nintendo can do this for an entire console with these controllers and some clever game designers.


Overall, E3 was a blast this year, though the PC gaming front was a bit of a disappointment.  There were no new titles that stood out as being leaps above the rest, and the hardware on display we had seen before several times.  I still have confidence that with the advances in gaming hardware we will see this year that the PC is going to be the top gaming platform for some time come, but its hard to deny the power that the Xbox 360 and PS3 wield.  A stable and dedicated design platform definitely enables game developers to stretch further than they usually could.  And even though PC power has already exceeded that of the consoles, its going to take smart designers some time to utilize it completely. 

Gaming in 2006 is going to complicated, that much is for sure!

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