This time of year is always one I would love to hate — E3 completely eclipses everything with a unyeilding barrage of announcements, teasers, videos, and booth babes. The big news from E3 yesterday was from Sony. Not only did they announce a release date for the PS3, they also pegged it with a whopping $599 USD. Excuse me? Yeah, that’s a whole lot of cheddar for a console and I hope it’s worth all the delays (though Sony never promised a ship date). You have 6 months to start saving money.

Our buddies at Shack also have some hardware shots of Nintendo’s Wii. Also looks like Twilight Princess is finally seeing the light of day. Perhaps this will convince WIRED to remove it from the vapourware list? Nintendo also said the Wii will be available in the last quarter of this year…. any bets on November?

Not to be out done, Microsoft gave PC’s some respect with a line-up of games coming to Vista. Though Halo 2 isn’t a surprise, it does get a bit better thanks to Microsoft’s newly announced Live Anywhere service. Live Anywhere will allow PCs and XBOX 360 players to compete/co-operate on certain games. Time to show those console chuckle-heads what WASD can do. 😉 Live Anywhere will probably be offered in a tiered subscription like the current XBOX Live scheme.