ATI’s X1600 Pro is available for under $100.  It probably will not impress the hard core gamer with it’s results, especially if you are used to anti-aliasing, but a casual gamer may well love it.  It is a VIVO card that lets you output to TV’s, so drop by [H]ard|OCP to see what else it can do.
“Sapphire was one of the first ATI add-in-board partners to deliver X1600 GPU based video cards. The Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO runs at a default core clock of 500 MHz. Our model we are evaluating has 256MB of 128-bit DDR2 memory running at 810 MHz. You will also find full video in/video out (VIVO) functionality along with hardware video encoding and decoding on the Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO. We found the Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO is currently listed at an attractive $99 on Newegg!”

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