The Tekbunker looked at the Zalman Reserator 1 and liked what they saw … but wondered if they could improve it’s looks and performance.  They start first with improving heat exchange for the Reserator itself, and will continue on by trying to improve the flow.

Plus, our own Bob Dyl looks at the Cooler Master Mystique Modified Aluminum Case, a new take on the old Wave Master 2.
“Even prior to receiving delivery of the Reserator I was vaguely thinking over what I could do to improve its performance. Some of the reviews left me in no doubt this was quite an average performer as it stood. For my XP3200+Barton and 6800GT however, which kicks out only around 150W of heat, this was no problem at all and Reserator is easily adequate. Max temps of 40’C for the CPU and 48’C for the GPU in the midst of gaming was a good improvement over air and, importantly for me, silently done too.”

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